Daly Insight: 5 Tips To Bring Your Hair Back To Life (Just in Time for Back To School!)

It’s now back to school and after long days by the pool in the hot sun, your tresses are screaming for moisture. The ponytails, buns, braids, chlorine water, you name it has your hair in the not so best condition and the last thing you want to think about is you or your child’s hair when you’re trying to get them ready to go back to school.

But don’t you worry; I have some tips for you that will help with getting everyone’s hair back to life without spending hours doing it.

Coconut oil saves lives and hair

It’s true about coconut oil, it has many factors that can help nourish your body and it also works great on the hair. Coconut has vitamins and fatty acid that helps replenish dry hair.

So after washing and conditioning the hair from a dip in the pool, apply some coconut oil to the hair and you will see a difference in the manageability. I wouldn’t do this every day, but once a month will help.

A trim is a trim, I promise

Getting a trim (an inch or less) every 6-8 weeks won’t make your hair shorter; it will actually make it longer. Contrary to the myths, trimming your hair on a regular basis, helps stop the split ends and you will find your hair tangles less which allows for growth. It’ll also makes doing the kids hair for school a lot easier.

Sleep in Silk

Sleeping with silk bed sheet or a silk scarf will avoid excessive friction and tangles. The most damage is caused when sleeping so having a silk scarf will help eliminate frizz and all the moisture will stay in the hair.

Leave in your leave-in

Get a good leave-in conditioner and apply it to your hair every time you wash. Especially if you have colored treated hair. It will replenish the hair cuticle, act as a heat protectant and sunscreen and also calm frizz.

And if all fails..

..See your stylist. They can guide you and help you stay on right track with products for your hair type, eliminating split ends, manageability and growth.