Salon Services

Hair Cuts

  • Women Cuts
  • Men Cuts
  • Line-up
  • Taper
  • Trim


  • Design Cut & Style
  • Desert Island (Blow Dry & Style)
  • Pleasant Journey (Wash & Roller-set)
  • Updo
  • Specialty Styles
  • Press and Style
  • Special Event Styling

Natural Styling

  • Locs
  • Bantu Knots
  • Two Strand Twist
  • Basic Cornrows
  • Cornrows Design
  • Box Braids (Medium)
  • Crochet styles

Hair Color

  • Permanent Color
  • Creative Color
  • Mini Color/Front Only
  • Retouch-Up 1′ or Lower
  • Highlights Full-Head
  • Highlights Partial
  • Semi-Permanent Additional Color Glossing

*Corrective color price quote given at time of consultation.

Hair Treatments

  • Steam Treatment: Hair steaming is a good way to maintain a healthy scalp and hair. The steam helps to cleanse and stimulate the scalp. It improves circulation, and brings moisture to your roots and hair shaft, preventing breakage and hair loss. This is ideal for deep conditioning, coloring, chemical treated or damaged hair.
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment: This treatment is best for anyone maintaining the ph balance in their hair. This works for all hair colors, types and textures. This is also a good winter ritual to keep hair healthy from the harsh weather, pollutions and radicals. Ideal for all hair types.
  • Protein: Chemical processing (dyes, perms, relaxers) after a while, depletes hair protein. Using this treatment can help restore the protein missing from your hair. This treatment is recommended to strengthen weak, damaged or brittle hair. It can be used prior to a perm or relaxer, hair that will not hold color; hair that breaks when brushed or is brittle after drying. After this treatment, your hair will be softer, smoother and healthier.
  • Oils: Oils is a great way to transition your hair from dry and frizzy to silky and shiny. It’s also is a very good way to lift up dead skin and seal in moisturize to your scalp. Ideal for all hair types.
  • Moisturizing Lane: This special moisturizing conditioner penetrates to your scalp locking in water and adding moisture to the roots and hair shaft.
  • Dandruff Sufferer’s Treatment: If you suffer from an itchy, flaking scalp this treatment will cure this issue. It will help to remove dead skin and fungus build up which will lead to a cleaner and itch free scalp.

Conditioning Packages

  • Deep Conditioning
  • Protein
  • Oils
  • Moisture
  • Dandruff Sufferer’s Treatment

*All tours come with Pleasant Journey (wash & roller-set) or Desert Island (blow dry & style)

*Six consecutive weeks is the average time it takes to improve any problem areas. With consultation, stylist will inform each client if they may need more treatment to correct issue.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin molecules penetrate the hair improving and repairing the quality of the hair from the core. This revolutionary process gets rid of frizz, softens, adds shine, and strengthens your hair.

Wet Sets

  • Basic Set
  • Spiral Set
  • Straw Set
  • Wrap Set

Permanent Wave

  • Permanent Wave
  • Spiral Perm
  • Touch Up/Sport Perm


  • Relaxer
  • Virgin
  • Relaxer with Treatment


  • Wig styling
  • Wig cuts

Hair Journeys Extensions

Please call to schedule a complementary consultation

  • Per Row (Per Track for Weaves)
  • Full Head Braid Weave
  • Full Weave w/ Closure
  • Individual Twist/Braids (Medium)
  • Corn Row Extensions

*A deposit is required for all extension services.

*We also offer Take down services for braiding and weaving styles. Price based on consultation.

Massage Service

Eyelash Extensions



  • Make-up Application
  • Make-up Lesson

Bridal Services

  • Bride
  • Bridal Party
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Individuals

*Make-up services are 45 minutes maximum per person.

Make-up Parties

Business/Corporate: Gather the girls from work & learn makeup ‘looks’ for your workplace that scream “Take charge, Professional, Appropriate & Here to stay”! Complete coverage daytime makeup without the caked-on feel or look.

My First Makeup Lesson: Perfect for our princess’ under 16 years old. We tailor the party to be age-appropriate and to meet the parents requests! For the little ones we offer a fun party playing dress-ups/makeup with bright colors…. the older girls enjoy learning how to apply makeup correctly, choosing colours that compliment them and plenty more professional tips to start them on the right track. We want to embrace their youthfulness keeping it light hearted & age-appropriate.

Teen Birthday: For our gorgeous 10 – 16 yr old diva’s. Having FUN with makeup is the key … celebrities, glitter, bright colours!

Birthday Bash: Gather the girls and have a memorable, fun night learning about makeup! We will tailor the party according to the occasion and your wants. Please call for a chat, anything is possible!

Makeover/Reinvention: As women we DESERVE and have every excuse at various times in our lives to have a makeover. We discuss your wants and tailor the session accordingly! Allow Lady Bella to transform you into a modern, age-appropriate Lady Bella! We will even spill all our professional secrets in the process. Gather the girls for a Makeover Party or have a private one-on-one makeover and lesson… what a GREAT GIFT!?

Private Makeup Lesson: Who wouldn’t love a ONE-ON-ONE private lesson on how to look your best everyday with makeup? Your make-up will be completed in this hour, so great to do BEFORE you have a night out. We offer the second hour HALF PRICE which allows time for in-depth question & answer as well as extra techniques such as applying false eyelashes. We discuss your wants and tailor the session accordingly!

*Party includes all guests getting their make-up done, and host receives 25% off their next appointment! The party will be 2-hours full of professional secrets! Party time may vary depending on guest numbers – FREE Bottle of wine for 10+ parties.

*What You Learn: Choosing colors that compliment your complexion and enhance your natural beauty – Importance of Eyebrows! How they frame a face & make you beautiful. How to shape & fill in eyebrows. The prefect arch! – Professional application techniques. How to get that long-lasting professional finish – An age-appropriate requested look e.g. smokey eyes, vintage, cat eyes, subtle day looks – Skin care – How to apply false eyelashes (in extended sessions) – Contouring the face. How to create gorgeous bone structure, straighter noses, pouter lips!

*Call for price information.

Hair Removal

  • Eyebrow Waxing
  • Lip Waxing
  • Chin Waxing
  • Face Waxing

Nail Care

  • Change of Polish
  • Traditional Manicure
  • French Manicure
  • Gel Polish Manicure
  • Nail Art
  • Removal of Nail Polish


  • Traditional Pedicure
  • French Pedicure
  • Whirl Pool Spa Pedicure

Special Events

Weddings and Special Events: Price quote available with the amount of party. Special event styling (formal events, up-do’s, weddings, etc).

Journeys On The Road: Are you planning an event and need a team to do hair and make-up or just can’t make it to the salon? Look no further, because Journeys’ staff will travel to you to meet all your needs.